2017 the year of…

As the new year rolls out its carpet, many of us are eager to see what unfolds.

Over the festive season I found myself doing a lot of reading and came across the significance of the number 7 and thought it would be interesting and encouraging to share.

7 is the number that directs the cadence of life.

There are 7 colours in the spectrum.

7 days in the week.

7 notes in the musical scale.

Isaac Newton identified the 7 colours of the rainbow as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

There are 7 deadly sins and the 7 virtues.

7 occurs frequently in nature – flowering plants of a pure strain have seven petals – the lotus being one such type.

7 is also said to be mystical, magical and associated with creation.

If you ask me, seven is sounding pretty darn good! It definitely makes me hopeful and expectant of good things to come in 2017.

So, what is the meaning of a “New Year”?

Well, there are many descriptions for it… A fresh start, untainted, pristine, unfamiliar, another chance, additional time, a clean slate and list goes on.

Every culture around the world celebrates their New Year in their own way. However, leading up to New Year’s Day marks a time for setting things straight: a thorough cleaning of one’s home and life, paying off debts, returning borrowed objects, reflecting on the year that is coming to pass, mending quarrels, giving back, setting new goals and dreaming new dreams.

With all this being said about this completely new and unwritten chapter – here are 17 (atypical but necessary) tips to remember for this year:

  1. Take every chance that comes your way.
  2. Always keep looking for opportunities to do better and be better.
  3. Step outside of your comfort zone, nothing great comes from them anyway.
  4. Give your absolute best in everything you do.
  5. Be kind and compassionate, such qualities are never forgotten.
  6. Take time to sit in the sun, look at the sky, smell the roses and admire the stars. These are some of the simple pleasures in life that only require you to take notice.
  7. Take care of yourself – your health is your wealth.
  8. Read more books, it increases your creativity and feeds your imagination.
  9. Take the time to learn that thing you keep saying to yourself that you want to learn.
  10. Go and see a place you haven’t seen before, doesn’t only require getting on a plane, local is lekker too!
  11. Smile more often, it looks good on you!
  12. Never underestimate the power of cranking up the volume to your favourite songs and dancing around the house.
  13. Don’t just live for Fridays, LIVE EVERYDAY!
  14. Work hard but rest well.
  15. Laugh a lot. It’s excellent for your body, mind and soul.
  16. Have courage and do not be afraid.
  17. Most of all remember there is a solution for everything, there will always be bumps in the road but there will also always be a way of getting over them.

Happy New Year folks, may 2017 be a year of…

Whatever YOU make it!

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