BLACK® Company Profile

We are driven on the belief that innovative design can make everyday life better. We know that for design to be innovative, it must be out of the ordinary. That requires exceptional thinking. There is no better place for innovative thinking than right here, in Africa. It’s the heartbeat continent with so much potential for creative, business and technological ingenuity and it’s where we find the inspiration for what we do.


At BLACK®, we create exceptional bags with the intention of enhancing your mobile lifestyle. We bring together technology and your everyday life, with a range of products designed to free you from your desk and take you everywhere else.

BLACK® offers a collection of hard-working, good-looking protective products, inspired by our continent’s unique diversity and explorative mindset. Engineered to be truly useful, crafted with highquality materials, BLACK® products will make your life easier when on the move.

Not only do they make a bold first impression, BLACK® products will also make a lasting one. Constructed for durability and reliability, our ranges of mobile cases, backpacks and tablet folders blend seamlessly into your life, letting you take your technology everywhere with you.

BLACK® goes everywhere.