It’s always been about the bag!

From the ancient bags of the Egyptians to the Gucci Regime of today.

Throughout history bags have always been the vessel in which items of great importance or daily necessities have been carried

It was really in the nineteenth century that we saw the “bag” emerge from being a practical tool into a statement of fashion, beauty and power.

Bags have always been boldly shaped by changes in technology and society, such as the development of money, jewelry, transportation, cosmetics, smoking, cell phones, and the role of men and women in society.

It is often said that a bag and its contents can tell a lot about the person carrying it. One could say that it as an extension of who you are and what you do.

The BLACK brand strives to keep the dual approach, of our Lifestyle Laptop Ladies Bags and various Backpacks, in mind.

Each of our products are designed to create maximum value for today’s professionals on the go.

BLACK proudly boasts practicality and functionality while offering a trendy look and feel.

Designed by South Africans for South Africans but GOES EVERYWHERE.


Written by: Natasha Eaton