Good customer service will never go out of fashion

When you think about shopping for something that you really needed or wanted and you physically made the effort to go out yourself to get it, what is it that you actually end up remembering?

The distance you travelled to get there?

The ambience and layout of the store?

Or is it the overall service you experienced during your shop?

For those who don’t think so, good customer service is equally as important as providing a quality product to your customers. More specifically referring to the service experienced during the decision making process leading up to the actual purchase as well as the after sales service experienced post-purchase.

Research has shown that first impressions last forever, 24% of customers that had a great experience will continue to support the business for two or more years whereas 39% of customers that had a bad experience will avoid the business for two or more years as well as ensuring that the news of said bad service will spread quickly either by word-of-mouth or via social media and other online platforms.

So, what exactly constitutes as good customer service?

  1. Greeting customers with enthusiasm.
  2. Respecting a customer’s right not to make a purchase if they so choose.
  3. Being attentive and asking the right questions to ensure that the right product is being matched to the customer’s needs.
  4. Going above and beyond to resolve any issues that may cause them to come back.

The positive side-effects of good customer service are:

  1. Increased customer loyalty.
  2. Positive word-of-mouth and online reviews.
  3. Capturing customer lifetime value.
  4. Positive positioning within the minds of customers.

Here at CSD BLACK, we know that good-customer service goes hand in hand with our core product.

It has become such an essential part of our organisational culture and how we conduct business. We really pride ourselves on fact that any staff member here at CSD no matter their department will be able to serve a customer and serve them well.

As Fred and Vivienne Black so eloquently put it, “People buy from people, it’s all about building and maintaining relationships”.

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