Meet Fred and Vivienne Black

Behind every brand there is a story of blood, sweat and tears of someone who wanted to see their vision come to life. In this case it was two people who ultimately created a space in the industry after making an international brand the number one brand in South Africa and are now once more making waves through their own brand.


Fred and Vivienne Black are the driving force, visionaries and back bone of the BLACK brand and CSD BLACK Distribution.

With Fred’s invaluable knowledge, experience and understanding of the business world coupled with Vivienne’s creative vision and endless ambition – these two make one heck of a dream team.

Their strengths and abilities truly complement one another, thus attributing to the success of their business over the years

It was in 2014 when the BLACK brand first came to life – the aim was to bring in a variety of designs from entry level right through to top-end as well as provide products that are both 14731331_1862738393962101_2874497878243660546_nhigh quality and affordable to the everyday user.

BLACK is a proudly South African (specifically Johannesburg) birthed lifestyle brand.

BLACK boasts an array of products from school bags, student ranges, biker’s backpacks, bags for business women as well as top-end executive cases too. There’s literally something for everyone!

Vivienne said herself, “This brand is global” and I truly admire her big thinking and tenacity to take risks that most people would shy away from.


BLACK goes everywhere…

Written by: Natasha Eaton

2 thoughts on “Meet Fred and Vivienne Black

  1. Great when one puts so much hard work and passion to see your dream come through.

  2. Love your articles Natasha.

    We are the BLACK magic team!

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